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Mir Digi!

During orbit# 72821 Mir's digi was once again active <grin>. I copied N6CO
sending a test digi of what appeared to be Mir keps. I was able to make
unproto contacts with N5WUP in Meridian, TX and WB9JEJ near Chicago! I hope
that the digi is left operational for a while and I hope that evryone does
not abuse it and sends only UNPROTO packets. It seems that when too many
people start abusing it by connecting to other stations here on Earth that
they turn it off for a while until everyone calms down. I really enjoys
sending UNPROTO packets and trying to work as many grids as possible. I only
wish more people would return QSL cards <sigh>. It's loads of fun to work a
station in California from Alabama using 5 watts of power via FM <grin>.
Everyone have fun!

73 Jeff KF4KGQ

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