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Leonid Report

We had an excellent Leonid meteor shower last night here in southern
Arizona.  Members of our local astronomy group (Tucson Amateur Astronomy
Association) went to a dark sky site about 40 miles SE of Tucson last
night.  We were treated to probably around a total of 1000 to 1500
meteors (my estimate as we did not keep a good count) between about 1 AM
and 6 AM (local).  We probably saw about 30  to 40 Taurids both before
and during the Leonid shower.   The Leonids came in all sizes, mostly
emitting a green glow.  Many left visible ionization trails with the
bigger trails being optically visible for about 30 minutes.   For
several hours the average was probably about 1 every 8 to 10 seconds
with numerous occasions where up to 4 or 5 would be visible
simultaneously.  It was a great show and well worth loosing a night of
sleep staying out in 34 degree F temperatures.  Several of the bigger
meteors would have been visible during the daylight and I talked to one
individual that did spot one after sunrise.

Due to timing considerations, I did not have a radio so I cannot report
on any successful meteor shower contacts, but conditions here looked
very promising.

Good luck observing tonight.

Larry, NW7N

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