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Re: Keps for RS-18

At 11:28 AM 11/16/98 -0500, Steve3209 tudor e mcc wrote:
>I'd love to try those keps, Ken. But my IT never has been able to enter
>the NASA keps. It still says check-sum failure, no matter what I do. I've
>tried patches 2 & 4.  The AMSAT  keps slip in fine. 73 Steve W2ZBY.

Must have something to do with how you extract the information
from email and put it in the file.  Maybe the line-end characters
are getting screwed up (save as ASCII, not binary) or maybe
the multiple spaces have been replaced with a single space by
a rude email program.  Do the ends of the two lines of numbers
line up (in a fixed-pitch font)?  They should.

If the ends of the lines match up, try running my program NASAWASH
on the elements file before you feed it to InstantTrack.  This program
can cure many problems caused by downloading (but it doesn't cure
missing spaces).

73  -Paul

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