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K2JF's STSPlus problem


 Your problem with STSPlus might be in your Keps. 
How current are your elements for  FO-20? Try 
this URL for current 2 line keps:


Click on Master List. Save the text file to your
STSPlus directory and update your keps.

Also, if you haven't already, read through the file
 STSPlus.doc and see if you can find more info on 
the error. I found this:

"..use F2 to select another satellite or press ESC
 to force STSPLUS to attempt the orbital calculations 
regardless of whether or not the satellite may have 
decayed. If the satellite is still in what STSPLUS 
calculates is a possible orbit, the ground track 
display will be displayed as usual. However, if the
 orbit has already decayed,STSPLUS may display a 
BASIC Error and abort to DOS; if this occurs, 
restart STSPLUS and select a different satellite 
using F2 from the Main Menu."

 I checked the FO-20 keps from Celestrak and it is
less than a day old (98320).

 I ran my STSPlus and selected FO-20 and it is 
working fine, so maybe that is your problem..

Good Luck!

Chris KH2PM
Conroe, Texas

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