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Re: Keps for RS-18

Hi Ken:

Thanks for the elements. Based on some of the amsat-bb verifications I will
include these elements in the Orbital Elements Section that will run in the
next Journal issue.

>There are five [unidentified] recently cataloged satellites associated with
>Mir.  The first object (catalog # 25533) is a piece associated with the
>Progress M-40.  If Sputnik 41 / RS-18 was carried to orbit from Progress
>M-40, these could be its Keps.
>1 25533U 98062C   98320.01181243  .00135067  00000-0  98424-3 0    22
>2 25533  51.6649 354.9517 0008572 347.6107  12.4565 15.72320450   737

If this is RS-18, a quick back of the envelope calculation tells us that
RS-18 is moving ahead of Mir about 18 mph (statue miles) or 27 statue miles
per orbit.  Of course this doesn't include any Mir orbital adjustments.
Certainly at this velocity it can be verified from the other elements you


Russ Tillman, K5NRK

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