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Re: Debris orbital data wanted ???

john randall m1cuu writes:

> the reason is that would like to work
> some meteor scatter off the trail as it burns up.
> could you please advise  what software i could use and where i can get
> hold of the neccessary keps...

This was done several years ago, at least five probably ten, by GM4ANB;
he did a write-up about it in RSGB's RadCom. Called it Sat-Scat as far
as I can remember.

Problem is you need a sizeable chunk of debris in order to get enough
signal reflected back so he only used expended boosters and the larger
(optically visible) objects. 

Also remember that doppler will be doubled (up plus down on the same

Any "standard" tracking software should do and readily available element
sets also have some expired boosters as well as the "proper" payloads.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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