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Zero to the zeroth

At 08:40 AM 11/16/1998 -0600, George F. Byron, Jr. wrote:

>True any number except 0 to the 0 power equals 1.
>The reason why this is not true of 0 is no number cannot be divided by 0.


Well, I think George meant that "no number CAN be divided by 0", and in
spite of the double negative :-), he seems to be absolutely correct.
Although this is way off track from Keplerian elements with "e^0" which is
shorthand for "10^0", it's been an interesting learning experience. Check
out this web site for an even more detailed explanation of the zeroth power
in general and 0^0 in particular:


Like Roy, I had been taught years ago (apparently wrongly) that 0^0 = 1.  I
was told this was definitional like 0! = 1.  Maybe Roy and I had the same
math teacher :-). However, Dr. Math in the faq above says that "0^0" is
"undefined" or "indeterminate".
BTW, on the Win95/98 screen calculator enter "0", hit the "X^Y" key and
enter "0" again, followed by "=" and you'll get "1"......  Some other
calculators do the same thing, and still others "crash".  It appears that
crashing is the correct answer......

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