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Re: Keps for RS-18

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998 22:59:51 -0500, Kenneth J. Ernandes wrote:

>There are five [unidentified] recently cataloged satellites associated with
>Mir.  The first object (catalog # 25533) is a piece associated with the
>Progress M-40.  If Sputnik 41 / RS-18 was carried to orbit from Progress
>M-40, these could be its Keps.
>1 25533U 98062C   98320.01181243  .00135067  00000-0  98424-3 0    22
>2 25533  51.6649 354.9517 0008572 347.6107  12.4565 15.72320450   737

Looks like this one is our bird. 

heard RS-18 S2/EXCELLENT audio tone from 16-nov-1998/06:35:02 to
16-Nov-1998/06:41:40 all signals except the temp. tone (faded into the
background), almost perfectly matching with the above quoted elements. 

All times UTC of course. 

FYI, that's a base station in Tacoma, WA, 2/440 HT on a comet (I think)
5db or so gain antenna (bought it a long time ago, forget the specs) -
about 50 feet above ground level, with a altitude of 450ft or so.. 

My other station (5/8s mag mount whip on top of the trailer I live in)
didn't hear a thing.  

--- May Peace and love be yours,
Poohbear/Brendan Keyport
poohbear@poohbear.net (Admin)

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