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Grease in Ball Bearings

At 07:02 PM 11/12/98 -0500, you wrote:


. We are still undecided about the type of 
>grease to use on the ball bearings. Old postings on this subject show that 
>low-temperature grease is best, but no specs are given. People have told 
>me that general-purpose bearing grease sometimes has a temperature 
>rating of as low as -40F. 

Hello Mike

Ball bearings really don't need grease.  The grease is put in there mainly
to keep DIRT out and keep the balls from rusting. If the bearing is halfway
decent protected from dirt or particles  getting into it, I guess a film of
light grease would be fine.  The most common problem we found were rusted
balls. So one needs to keep an eye on this.  Also since you CANNOT keep
moisture out ( we found plenty of EVIDENCE for that), provide a good drain
for water. Drill a hole 1/4" at the lowest point. 

Good luck.

73,  Gerd, WB8IFM in Dayton.

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