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Elevation Rotor Repair

At 07:09 PM 11/12/98 -0000, you wrote:
>Hi all
>I've got hold of a second hand Kenpro KR 5400, but the Elevation rotor
>appears to be stuck.
>Has anyone got any info or tips for taking the El and the Az rotor's in bits
>to clean them.

Hi Allan,

I went through this a couple of times, even had it written up,  but lost
this.  What I remember, you just take the whole thing systematically appart,
and make sure to place the little wheels etc so you can reassemle it "in
reverse order".  There are a bunch of  balls that probably just fall out,
don't worry, they should be replaced, so just keep a sample, go to a special
hardware store and buy a box with new ones ( several years ago I believe I
paid $ 5.- for 100).  Clean everthing thoroughly and put it back together.
Should be like new.  (Hope the potentiometer works or you might need that at
a part from Yaesu!)

Good luck,  73,  Gerd,  WB8IFM in Dayton.

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