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Re: Re: [sarex] Sputnik

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Just send a your QSL with your call and when you listen the satellite.

With you QSL, you send an envelopp with your adress already writen to avoid 

Don't put a stamp on this letter. this was a mistake when I write this.

Put also an IRC ( that you can by in US post office)

To resume :
In the letter sent to the QSL manager, you put:

1. Your QSL
2. an envellop with you adrress already writen
3. 1 ( or 2) IRC

It's all.

Wait the end of life of the satellite and you will receive a QSL.


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Objet : [amsat-bb] Re: [sarex] Sputnik
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Date :    13/11/98 08:20

That is what I was thinking....
here is a address I come accross...
AMSAT France
QSL Spoutnik 41
14 bix rue des Gourlis
They ask you send a report if possible   date/time/freq
The thing I need to know is ... I am new to QSLing execpt in the 
can someone help me get a report sent so that I can get a card...
They say send a SASE and 2 IRCs.
How do I go by doing that... I know that I can buy the IRCs at the post 
office but... I have never sent a Self addressed stamped envelope... 
(feeling alittle childish in my young age... and comnig of age into 
computers... I have done most of my stuff electronically and never had 
the use of sending a SASE)
If someone can bail me out...would appreciate it...hehe....
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