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FFT and RS-8

Dear sat ops,

I am seeing a great deal of interest in real time analysis of the audio
tones from RS-18.  I offer this free method for real time analysis of
any audio waveform on your PC using your sound board and auxillary
input.  First download  Oscilloscope 2.5 by Mr. Zeldovich @


Make sure you try out the toolbar and find how to put it in the
frequency domain, and set sweep to be around 5k.  Adjust the gain until
you can see the entire waveform, and have at frequency measurement.  You
can even see subaudible repeater tones using this "device."

If you want to calibrate the scope for very acurate frequency analysis,
then download this free function generator by Timo Esser:


I hope you enjoy the oscilloscope as much as I have.  It is a regular
"window" on my station PC.

73, Mike
Mike Gilchrist KF4FDJ
 - P.O. Box 763 - Fort Myers, FL 33902-0763

kf4fdj@amsat.org - www.gate.net/~seven77

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