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Re: Spectrum Scope via Sound card??

At 09:24 PM 11/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>             Greetings  all....    I was wondering if there is any software
>available that  uses a PC soundcard to perform as a spectrum analyzer / 
>scope. "" to the IF of a receiver, but it would be well worth the cost of
>the  software       73, Tony , AB2CJ 

There are many. They do not sample the IF however since the soundcard 
does not have the bandwidth. They sample the speaker output. If the receiver
is in SSB (or CW) mode this is equivalent to sampling the IF only the
is limited to about 3KHz. They are very valuable for locating weak signals.
You can clearly see signals that are totally inaudible by ear.

Some examples are FREQ51, SPECGRM2, SBFFT, FFTDSP. Some are free, some are
not. Some have realtime filtering capability, some do not. Just download
them all and try them! You'll have to search the web for them because
I do not have URL's handy.

Ron Parise, wa4sir

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