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Re: Spoutnik 41

     Perhaps you didn't know but the year 1998 was decided to be the
     International year of air and space by the aeronautique international
     1998 was also the 100 birthday of the first aeroclub in the world (
     aeroclub de france).
     The RS18 project has been finance by the french aeroclub and the
     transportation to MIR has been taken in charge by The astronautique
     federation of Russia under the programm of educatif satellite.


____________________________ Separateur Reponse ___________________________
Objet : Spoutnik 41
Auteur :
C=FR/ a x400
Date :    11/11/98 17:13

Hello Gerard,
     There is lots of excitement today in  Amateur Radio as we copy Spoutni
41!  Your voice comes thru loud and clear!  You and your associates are to
be cvongratulated for this fine work.  The Educational aspects being
promoted by the French and the Russian people are also to be commended.
     I sent in a report  to AMSAT on receiving Spoutnik for the first time
Cincinnati, Ohio, Tuesday November 10, 1998 @ 04:26 to 04:30 UTC  on
145.8125.  Heard the 2 groups of voice messages plus
 the beeps and steady tone.
     When you have time would you please give me more information on : "199
was the International Year of AIR and Space"  Is there some discussion on a
web page or elsewhere of the background on this commemorative  event?  Any
info appreciated.   Many thanks, Farrell, W8ZCF

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