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Survey - Which Yagi Beam Combo is best?

Hello Everyone,

I would like to take a short informal survey of Yagi Beam users and if I
get enough responses I will post the results here (If this has been done
before can some one please send me the results?).


Hank Heidt - N4AFL

1. Which Yagi Beam do you use?
	a)	KLM 2M-14C/435-18C 
	b)     KLM 2M-22C/435-40CX 
	c)	M2 2MCP14/436CP30
	d)	M2 2MCP22/436CP42UG 
 	e)	Hygain-Telex 216SAT/7030SAT	
	f)	Home-brew
	g)	Other - If so, what?

2. How do you rate the construction, quality and reliability of your antennas?
	a) Very good
	b) Acceptable
	c) Poor

3. How do you rate the performance of your antennas?
	a) Very good
	b) Acceptable
	c) Poor
4) How would you compare your antennas to other brands?
	a) Better
	b) The same
	c) Worse
	d) Don't know

Any comments about your antennas reliability, performance, etc...???


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