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To all,
in order to make accurate temp measurements on Spoutnik41, the best
method is to record it on your PC using your sound card and process it
with FFT. If you don't have a FFT program, send the file to my e mail
adress. A 1 second record is largely enough. (8kech/s, 8bits). HiFi is
not required to make frequency measurements, so that you can record
using the microphone placed besides the loudspeaker. Avoid saturation
and echo.
If you are using a tape recorder, keep in mind that tape playback speed
can be different from record speed. From measurements i made with some
walkman, it can lead to a 10Hz difference. So, if you are to do that
with a tape recorder, mix the signal with a sound generator of known
frequency while recording , let us around 3kHz in order to have a good
As stated by Gerard, send him the temp results. Send the files to be
processed to me.
Have fun.
/*Ghislain et Nelly RUY 
/*F1HDD/ON1RG  - AMSAT_F #26
/*19 rue EDGAR FAURE 75015 PARIS
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