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Heard Spoutnik 41, 10 Nov 1998, Seattle, Washington USA, CN87.  Pass of
0903-0913 Z, maximum elevation 35 degrees.

The satellite was audible within one minute of predicted AOS, and until 30
seconds of predicted LOS using Instant Track and MIR keps of Epoch Time,
T0: 98 313.2064790  (11/09/98 04:57:19.78 UTC).  I used a circular 11db
beam pointing about 45 degrees near AOS (receiving off the back), and
pointing about 70 degrees near LOS. I switched to an eggbeater around TCA.
Omni antenna users, you should be able to hear it just fine on reasonably
high passes.

I clearly heard all the voice announcements, although with some
"scratchiness" except at highest elevation.  I can imagine the thrill the
young people must get hearing their voices coming from space.

The satellite temperature telemetry tones were about 1280 Hz. I matched the
tone by ear to the CW sidetone of a Timewave DSP-599zx, which is calibrated
in 5 Hz steps.  The tones did not appear to change much during the pass,
but I can't be sure of that, because I only measured them in the last
couple of minutes of the pass.
Hope this is useful.

73 from KD7MW,
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