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Re: Spoutnik 41 Questions

At 10:44 AM 11/10/98 -0600, Jeff Johns wrote:
>What type of equipment is required to hear Spoutnik 41? Will a simple
>ground plane antenna do the job or is a beam with a preamp required? Does it
>transmit via FM or SSB? Where would one find keps? And last but not least,
>if I am lucky enough to hear it, where would I sent QSL information in order
>to receive a card?
>73 Jeff

I heard on the news this morning going into work that the crew was due to
go out for the EVA today.  Maybe it will be in orbit tonight.

You will not hear a "beep beep" it should be a recorded russian message
(unless that has changed too).

A simple scanner can pick up the pod.  Listen at or around 145.810 during
the pass

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