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Re: Spoutnk 41 Not Heard Yet


K5OE@aol.com wrote:

I listened for the beep-beep at 0710 UTC and didn't hear it.  Anybody know
status of the EVA?
Here the lastest I have:
Sputnik RS-18 / SPOUTNIK 41
Sputnik or Spoutnik is tentatively planned to be hand launched the morning
of November 11, from the Russian Space Station Mir.
Anyone with a simple 2-meter receiver or scanner should be able to hear
voice recordings being played by Sputnik.
Notes:  The launch time is tentative, based on the crews work load.  The
EVA is currently
scheduled to start around November 10 at 2200 UTC and end at 0200 - 0400
Stations in Europe will be able to hear the Satellite first.
North America may be able to hear the satellite
beginning at 11:30 P.M. EDT. (0430 UTC) on Tuesday evening.

Will Owens