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SEDSAT Update 11/10

Hi Everyone,
	Not much progress on the SEDSat uplink front, but I've taken the time
to update a few other areas.

	The telemetry specification is finally available.  My apologies for the
delay.  Retrieve it from the link at http://www.seds.org/sedsat/tracking

	New elements are also available on the website, and I have updated the
frequency information to be more accurate.

	A new verison of SGS (13) is also available.  If possible, I encourage
everyone to use this in place of logging KISS frames.  It "might" work
with WISP now, however, we'll need your input in order to get it working fully.
	As I mentiond before, much of the SEDSAT data is now online as well.  I
hope to get the SGS-logged in our database as time permits.

	SEDSAT's operational profile has nearly precessed it out of access for
the US -- the satellite is in its 13 hour "charge period" during passes
over the US, and is not transmitting.  Stations in Japan and Uruguay
have reported success in receiving telemetry, and we're hoping to get
someone outside of the US lined up for attempting more uplink tests.  By
about the time we got organized and ready to test the uplink in the US,
this had happened :(

	For those who are curious to see if they have a chance at seeing
SEDSAT, I have placed the "uptimes" schedule online.  It is also on the
"tracking SEDSAT" web page listed above.  Please check it and read the
notes to see if you are geometrically priviledged to see SEDSAT. If you
are, and have 23cm capability (at 10Khz deviation) please contact us ASAP.

That's all for now...

Christopher A. Lewicki KC7NYV 520.977.0758 Maintainer of SEDS.LPL.Arizona.EDU
     Project Manager, University of Arizona Student Satellite Project
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