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Sorry Dan, but  my home page are forever "working in progress" HIHI
So, for the CW you can use one of the precompiled program, one for each com
The source are in QB 4.5 but works correctly in QBASIC (dos 5.0 and upper)
After the start the program asks for a time value; use 1800 for start and
adjust for the WPM speed needed (lower value = higher speed). After entered
this one the program say "PRONTO", on english "READY".
Thereafter every phrase you type, followed by Enter will be transmitted. The
question mark is a prompt for data.
There are also some predefined keys (AR SK BK etc etc.), take a look at the
source. The @ keys transmit the callsign, but in the precompiled version
there mine !!!.
The first version of this little program was written for Sinclair ZX81
(sob... my never forgotten first pc), and a lot of works is needed to make
it "user frendly".
If you are again in trouble, don't worry ... email me !!!

        73's, de i3vfj Vittorio

Vittorio BENVENUTI - benscosm@iol.it

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