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More SEDSAT Data Online

Hi Everyone,
	For those interested in dinking SEDSAT data, all of the data I have received for
the month of November is now online.  The files are available in the format they
were submitted in (KISS-logged and output from SGS).  The SGS telemetry is more
useful, as it is very easy to identify what time is associated with the telemetry.
 Kiss files are denoted by the .kss extension, and SGS telemetry is denoted by the
.tlm extension.  SGS data is in comma-separated format.
	Each file is named in accordance with the standard we've established for the
telemetry files:  "year month day hour - callsign . extension"  Also, they are
organized into directories indicating their source.  An excel spreadsheet is
available in the top directory to better identify these people.

The data is at:

There are two programs available to read the kiss files.  The Java version to
output to comma separated files will reportedly be ready Tuesday afternoon (it
outputs verbosely to screen right now), and the Huntsville routine is a bit
buggy... Never fear, however, as the next message I'll be sending out is regarding
the telemetry standard :)

For those of you logging telemetry, thanks!  A new verison of SGS (SGS13) is
available on the website at http://www.seds.org/sedsat/tracking

Please upgrade to this verison if you are using the software.

Christopher A. Lewicki KC7NYV 520.977.0758 Maintainer of SEDS.LPL.Arizona.EDU
     Project Manager, University of Arizona Student Satellite Project
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