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Re: FO-29 PASS


I heard you tuning and calling.  I came back to you a few times.  Were you
hearing your downlink?  Unfortunately, most ops on the Fuji birds congregate
from 435.850 - 435.860 :-).  Gets messy at times, but from my experience, the
FO birds are well used in North America.  We have been working a few Europeans
on FO-20 on the first evening pass.  They seem to congregate on 435.860 or
higher. I never hear any Central/South American or Carribean users except
Alain, FG5GI in Guadaloupe.  Where are the other stations to our south?

Hope this helps!  73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

john m fisher wrote:

> At 2135-2148 Z real good pass of FO-29 over FM29LR (Pitman NJ) Orbit 11016
> good return signal Up 145.960  Dwn 435.840 +/- doppler. Called CQ many
> times No takers. Anybody out there. ?

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