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Re: 9600 Baud PACSAT NEWBEE Observations

As a WISP user (from the past few years, not lately) I never had problems 
downloading my personal files because WISP prioritizes them and ensures 
that mine get to my station before other files.  The downloading of the 
directory is automatic and, I believe, makes use of other directory 
downloads that other stations initiate.  The WISP program does ask for 
fills, though.

John W. Wilson, KN4HX

> 3)  The PACSAT protocol only works for stations that are continuously
> active on all passes, or at least most daily passes.  Stations that 
> attempt to use the satellite less often, use it inefficiently since 
> they have to individually request and download directories before 
> they can even see if they have mail.
> 4)  There is no LIST-MY nor READ-MY commands on most birds.  Thus
> the non-full time station has no way to find any messages.  He
> has to request pages of directory listings and manually search for
> any traffic for him.  This is inefficient for everyone.  See #2. 

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