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Re: P3D test transmissions


On 8 Nov 98, at 17:13, Jennifer Gruber/Eric Rosenber wrote:

> I guess I was the only one who recorded anything. It was fun...

Well, we have continously recorded about 30 MByte of telemetry 
at our groundstation during the Thermal-Vac test, but indeed
thanks for listening.
We also captured telemetry from a nearby Hotel were we had another
"wireless" command station..  Here we used the G3RUH P3 Modem
connected to an FT736 and overnight logging was no problem with
it's doppler auto tracking. Without it, the lock range of the modem
is very narrow.  It was indeed good to see P3D still alive when we
went to breakfast :)

I believe someone asked for "audio" recodings? 

> For those curious, aurally, the sound was the same as
> AO-13/AO-10...it was 400 bps PSK.  This made it easy to find
> when the frequencies changed!

Somewhere on the AMSAT ftp server there is a program which
will generate/simulate the AMSAT 400 Bit/s BPSK modulation
using a soundblaster card, it was written by Ghislain F1HDD.

> I look forward to the next time! 

You probably have to wait until P3D is in orbit or live near Orlando,
as we are not planning to have P3D operational during the Vibration
test in Washington.

Best 73s,
 Peter DB2OS

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