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9600 Baud Mobile Wannabees!

My previous post about newbee lessons learned on the 9600 Baud Pacsats
with a bent towards come-n-go mobile operations has produced good
feedback and clarifications from nk6k, n8deu and others.
My concerns were the inneffeciency of in-frequent mobile users
requesting 4 day directories while all the other permanent users 
already had these directories...  BUT (revelation here!)  What if
most of the users of a given satellite were also infrequent users?
Then the download of the last 4 day directory would be the defacto
standard on every pass, and THEREFORE ALL THE INFREQUENT USERS 
would get it.  And few would need to request it.   All the effeciency of
the PACSAT protocol applies...!
Bingo!  THus, the current PACSAT protocol could be just as effecient 
for a lot of infrequent users as it is with a number of permanent 
users.  All we need to do is concentrate the infrequent users needing
longer directories on the  same bird!
Since we have many Pacsats in orbit, it appears to be best for everyone
if users with similar latency all concentrate on the same birds.  It helps
the permanent guys to have only permanent users and it helps the
infrequent guys to have only infrequent users on the same bird.....
Hummh... Could this be the simple answer for mobile or infrequent
users?   KISS?   SImply, all decide to concentrate on only one bird...

Please do not conclude I am suggesting rules over use of the birds, not at
all.  I am only suggesting that the infrequent or mobile travelers would
have the best success if we were all on the same bird.  For now that might
suggest KO25 (N8DEU said that UO22 is satgate and KO23 is marginal while
in the sun)...

But maybe the longterm users would care to suggest the best place for us
newbees who only want to send and receive short messages while on trips or
excursions...   or just play and do short demos...

de  WB4APR, Bob

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