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Re: P3D test transmissions

I guess I was the only one who recorded anything. It was fun...

For those curious, aurally, the sound was the same as
AO-13/AO-10...it was 400 bps PSK.  This made it easy to find
when the frequencies changed!

As for anything that could be played back, I defer to W4SM, who
has the file I collected. There were issues with the
modem/software combination at my end.  BEcuase I was available
for only a short time, I didn't get much. 

I look forward to the next time! 

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

At 09:19 11/3/98 -0500, Stephan Greene wrote:
>On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Pat Kilroy wrote:
>> I don't think anyone recorded any of the transmissions, although 
>> one local AMSAT member just out of range was hoping that would 
>> be done.  I wish I could have done that myself but was wrapped 
>> up in other P3D activities.  
>As far as I know, Eric Rosenberg (W3DQ) was the only one who
actually got
>something set up in time *and* captured telemetry frames.
Screen captures
>of the P3T telem displays were posted (pat - on amsat-dc or on
a web page,
>don't recall).  
>Telemetry capture was complicated by a few factors:
>1) beacon frequencies shifting from thermal drift and different
>switched on/off during test cycles.  Without a radio capable of auto
>tracking the beacon, unattended telemetry capture was
impossible for any
>extended length of time.  This won't be a problem with an operating
>2) Short notice and not that many people have 400 bps PSK demod
>(a few months earlier and my equipment would have been buried
during a
>major remodeling job)
>I'm certain, however, that the test team captured plenty of
>And we know that the folks working on Rudak ran all (or at
least most) of
>their tests via radio link from a nearby hotel.
>And while I was unable to actually decode anything (cables, TNC setup
>hosed, etc...), just looking at everything that the telem software
>displays gives me a glimpse into the INCREDIBLE capabilities
built into 
>73 Steve  KA1LM@amsat.org
>Stephan A. Greene			sgreene@washsq.com
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>Washington Square Associates, Inc.	"technology simplified" (TM)
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