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Re: Mobile 9600 Baud SOLUTION!

At 07:34 PM 11/7/98 -0600, Chris Elmquist wrote:
>Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> I know that no one wants to mess with the software on a *working*
>> satellite, but we must make sure that any NEW PACSATS implement the
>> LIST-MY and READ-MY capablility or we are shooting ourselves in the
>> foot...
>What is the reasoning behind the first part of the above statement?
>Aren't these satellites experimental in nature and don't they run
>"soft" (ie, uploadable) firmware?  I would hope that they have a 
>fallback mode such that if "broken" firmware were uploaded, they could
>be reverted to the previous version by another upload.

Yes, we can easily upload new versions of the spacecraft end of FTL0 and PB.

The original spacecraft implementation of FTL0 and PB had a select
capability, where the user uploaded selection criteria and could get a list
of file numbers  that matched.

The facility received little use, as most hams wanted to see all the
messages.  I think the select capability is still in the most of the
spacecraft, though some may have removed the PG-style download part.  The
entire FTL0 download and diretory functions are now discouraged for the
larger population because the broadcast download is more generally useful.
The PG download and select may be of use to mobile stations, however.  The
facility is still on AO-16, and don't know if it is still available on the
9600 baud satellites.

The larger problem is getting in to the satellite at all from a mobile
station, during periods of peak use, and uploading a file would be a bigger

Jeff Ward and I have developed a new upload protocol for the commercial
pacsats that is many times more efficient than the current connection-based
system, and we've been talking about how to get a "lite" version of it
released for the ham satellites.  I suspect we'll see it on P3D RUDAK.

Harold Price

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