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Re: 11/4 SEDSAT More spurious data

At 6:51 AM -0700 11/5/98, Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:
>Mark et al
>I have been reviewing more data that has been coming in. Specifically this
>morning from Tak in Japan.
>In the middle of the pass I see an anomaly in the main voltage.  The
>reading is 5037531 which again is waaaay outside the possible range.  I
>have been postulating that maybe this is an artifact of the radiation
>environment that the bird is in.    As you know the rams that we are using
>are pretty small feature size srams in the main 1 meg memory space.  Could
>double bit errors cause this?  Is the interrupt still connected to the
>double bit error flag on the EDAC?  It is interesting that this only crops
>up in the middle of a file, no other locations seem to be effected.  Now
>on this mornings pass this anomalous reading shows up three minutes in a
What is the binary patter? Does this correspond to a stuck bit, say in a

>Another thing I saw yesterday in the data from Graham Radcliff is that the
>SEASIS boot status was 3.  What does this mean?
>Call me weird but I love going through the details of this data set!!
Don't worry Dennis, our calling you weird has no dependence on your love of
real telemetry! :-)


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