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Re: Mobile 9600 Baud SOLUTION!

On Sat, 7 Nov 1998, Chris Elmquist wrote:

> > I know that no one wants to mess with the software on a *working*
> > satellite, but we must make sure that any NEW PACSATS implement the
> > LIST-MY and READ-MY capablility...
> What is the reasoning behind the first part of the above statement?
> Aren't these satellites experimental in nature and don't they run
> "soft" (ie, uploadable) firmware?  I would hope that they have a 
> fallback mode such that if "broken" firmware were uploaded, they could
> be reverted to the previous version by another upload.

In the satellite realm, where you can't go hit reset, changing anything on
an existing satellite is risky and only done when it cannot be avoided.
The risk is just too high to make a change to a working asset.  THere are
no second chances in space...


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