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Determining mode (RS birds)

Greetings from the Mountain State...

Yesterday, I copied the following from the RS-13 beacon on 29.505 MHz...

rs13  test  rx21  rx145  tx29  tx145 mhz
rs12  rx21  tx145 mhz
rs3x  kaluga

>From the above info, I immediately came to the conclusion that RS-13 was
in Mode "KT" and RS-12 was in Mode "T".  I realize this interpretation
is no doubt incorrect.  It was also pointed out to me that it is very
unlikely that it would be transmitting and receiving on 145 MHz
simultaneously.  I concur.

It appears, I incorrectly thought that one was supposed to be able to
determine the current modes in effect from the above CW sent info from
the beacon??  Or did I just interpret the data incorrectly?

Any clarification appreciated.  Thanks.

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*

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