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Re: APRS Meteor Scatter Event

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, Aldo Marchetto wrote:

> I read your  message about Meteor Scatter APRS.
> Pleae, can I tell me if in Europe there is a MS APRS frequency, and 
> eventually who I may contact for instructions?
> 73 and TNX. Aldo, IZ1ANT.

Unfortunately APRS has not caught on in Europe so there is no common
frequency yet.  But (I will get in trouble for suggesting this) the 145.80
frequency we have been told has been cleared throughout Europe for the
International Space station.  In the USA, in response, We just completed
moving over 500 digipeaters and 5000 users from 145.79 to clear that
frequency (145.80) for ISS.  

But since neither MIR nor ISS is using that frequency yet, and the
Europeans insisted that it is clear for ISS, then it might be
worth checking to see if 145.80  would be usable for a one day Meteor
Scatter FM packet test.


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