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Re: APRS Meteor Scatter Event

> I'll second the endorsement of this.
>   I tried it 2 years ago from my previous qth.  Even though
> I didn't log any obvious meteor hits,  I saw evidence of some
> interesting band openings as the evening wore on.
> > 
> > With all the media hype over the upcoming meteor shower on 17 and 18 Nov,
> > HAM radio has an opportunity to have fun.  If you have a beam and a packet
> > station, please plan on joining us on 145.79 MHz.  Here is a good time to
> > warm the ether too if you have some high power.... The more the better.
> > .....

Apparently the expected peak for visually observations is 
early in the morning, like 3:00AM local time.  Can one 
assume that this would also be the best time for radio 
propagation too? If so, this would rule me out...I have a 
hard time enough getting up by 8 let alone 3 .  :-)   

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