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APRS Meteor Scatter Event

With all the media hype over the upcoming meteor shower on 17 and 18 Nov,
HAM radio has an opportunity to have fun.  If you have a beam and a packet
station, please plan on joining us on 145.79 MHz.  Here is a good time to
warm the ether too if you have some high power.... The more the better.

All you need is a TNC.  Set the following in your TNC:

UNPROTO GRIDSQ     <= Your Grid Square  (make it 6 digits please)
BText   ]Y[Bob     <= your name or whatever. (preceeded with ]Y[ )
B E 1

That will cause your station to transmit one packet every 10 seconds.
The next morning, jsut check your MHEARD log and see who you saw!

The special format ]Y[ at the beginning of your BText is for APRS stations
so that they will automatically plot your station on their maps.  If you
run APRS, then there are many more things you can do.  But just read the
METEORS.TXT that is in all the APRS documentation... for details.
I will post a WEB site in a few days to help get the word out.

Looking forward to seeing your pings!

(145.79 should be clear over most of the USA except for SO CALIF.  In So
CAL, you might should just listen so as not to QRM the existing network).

de WB4APR, Bob

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