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Re: ATV + Missed sked(s) on AO-27

At 12:35 AM 05-11-98 -0800, Tovar wrote:
>Now, isn't an ATV signal almost 6 MHz wide?  Wouldn't that be contrary
>to our treaty obligations on the space sub-band to operate an SSB ATV
>station starting at ca. 433 MHz???

No.  Frequency allocations to the amateur service and amateur-satellite
service overlap, that is, in this case, they share the same frequency band
from 435 to 438 MHz.  Remember, these are two distinct and separate
services even though they are created for the same reasons.  Look at the
table of frequency allocations and this will make a lot more sense.

Neither stations in the amateur service nor stations in the
amateur-satellite service are protected from intereference in the sense of
broadcasting stations, for example.  Broadcasting stations are commonly
assigned in a way which should provide good performance over an intended

Amateurs are expected to apply "good engineering practice" to maximize use
of the radio spectrum and minimize interference.  And, that's nice!  We
have some responsibility and we get a lot of freedom to use the radio
spectrum in many different ways.

Hope this helps.

73, art.....
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