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Re: 11/4 SEDSAT More spurious data

Mark et al

I have been reviewing more data that has been coming in. Specifically this morning from Tak in Japan.

In the middle of the pass I see an anomaly in the main voltage.  The reading is 5037531 which again is waaaay outside the possible range.  I have been postulating that maybe this is an artifact of the radiation environment that the bird is in.    As you know the rams that we are using are pretty small feature size srams in the main 1 meg memory space.  Could double bit errors cause this?  Is the interrupt still connected to the double bit error flag on the EDAC?  It is interesting that this only crops up in the middle of a file, no other locations seem to be effected.  Now on this mornings pass this anomalous reading shows up three minutes in a row.

Another thing I saw yesterday in the data from Graham Radcliff is that the SEASIS boot status was 3.  What does this mean?

Call me weird but I love going through the details of this data set!!


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