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ATV + Missed sked(s) on AO-27

I left my satellite antenna somewhere i can't get at easily before
tomorrow's pass and i've had to switch ISPs, making temporarily the
callsigns of the station(s) to work.  I tried with the backup antenna,
but i think the local ATV station operating at 433.1 MHz was wiping out
the downlink on that antenna.  I'll try again tomorrow from further 
away from that station, but i don't hold alot of hope with that antenna
on a 6 degree pass from this end of the S.F. Bay (which would have been 
almost routine from atop the Walnut Creek BART parking structure with 
my regular antenna).

Now, isn't an ATV signal almost 6 MHz wide?  Wouldn't that be contrary
to our treaty obligations on the space sub-band to operate an SSB ATV
station starting at ca. 433 MHz???  Yet a search of the WWW turned up 
quite a few terrestrial stations operating in that reach.  Now, i could 
see that *maybe* for a baloon launch, but for terrestrial use?  I do
well in Sonoma Co. and in Walnut Creek, but the northern part of the
East Bay is a real struggle for me at times on AO-27.

Am i confused?  Could folks please clarify where it is appropriate and
inappropriate to operate ATV in terms of the 70cm space sub-band??

			-- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)
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