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Re: Oscar 10

> John W Lee wrote:
> Oscar 10 seems to be coming back to life!  Yesterday
> the 3rd of November from about 2015 to 2050Z I was able
> to hear my own signal quite well on the downlink, as
> high as S-5 on the meter at times.  Called CQ for a
> half hour, finally had a nice QSO with W4FJ in Virginia.
> It's still a little drifty, maybe too much for using the
> CW filter, but plenty good copy.
> Time to light up those rigs and get back with the program!


Actually we've been using the bird with regularity since Halloween. 
Nice touch eh?  Probably the reason you didn't hear anybody at 2015 was
most of us were at work.  Now if the bird is working, and you're up at
1030, I'll meet you on "900."

Mike in Fort Myers, Florida

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