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Mobile 9600 Baud Station

Early this past summer I posted a message on this Sig regarding my plan to
equip a mobile station in my motorhome to work the 9600 baud satellites. I
received many helpful suggestions from members of the Sig and I thank all
who responded. The station is up and running in my shack using Wisp and
Fodtrack. Fodtrack not only deals with the doppler shift but listens to my
GPS receiver to keep the clock correct and my current position updated,
which as you can see is important in mobile operations.

Now, the one thing that has eluded me is what to do about mobile antennas.
A steerable array on my roof at home is great, but not too practical on the
roof of the motorhome. I have tried  every kind  of verticle antenna I
could think of. The 70 cm 1/2 waves have done the best job, but even they
are marginal. I am using a GasFet preamp in the shack with 15 feet of 9913
going to the antenna. As for transmitting, not one single 2 meter mobile
antenna I have tried has even given marginal success with 45 watts out.  I
am open to suggestions regarding things YOU have USED and found to work.
Just remember, the roof of the motorhome is 10 feet above the ground, and
freeway overpasses can be 13.5 feet above the ground. Also, headwinds
(combined ground speed + wind speed) can reach 100 mph.

By the first of December I will be outa Fungus Corner (Western WA) and in
the desert in Southern Arizona. Some of you may find it hard to conceive,
but I will be 5 months without a telephone, ergo: no Intenet. (I get my
E-mail on 80 meters pactor)   I have the first 2 weeks in November to solve
my problem. The last 2 weeks have been reserved by the Superior Court for
jury duty. argh.

I will miss you guys when I pull the plug at my ISP. You are a great buncha

Bob Hart, WA7HRA
Hoodsport, WA

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