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More informations to me....

	Dear Friends,

	More a time I come to ask you about some satellite informations.
	In Feb and aug /1994, I has going to Sait Peter and Saint Paul Rocks
(PY0S) and Rocas Atoll (PY0R) guested by Karl (PS7KM and Tino (PT7AA) to
operate satellites in a DX-pedition (in my view the 1st of America). I can
make over 160 QSO using the AO-10, AO-13 (R.I.P) and AO-21 with ZY0SK
(expedition callsign) and over 500 contacts in ZY0RK at same satellites.
But I fell missing of digital operations in expeditions. Today I am
interested in execute another satellite expedition to SP rocks to operate
the maximum satelite number (analogic or digital) and I have some questions

	The validations of satellite digital operations for awards world-wide;
	What (digital) equipments I need to pacsats, kitsats and other;
	other questions are: diference between modem and TNC, Softwares and
hardwares to PACSATs and KITSATs;
	if is possible using resident controlers  (like Manchester or L2PCX /
OE5DLX modem) to operaton satellites;
	if the rigs to operate 9600 bps terrestrial packet are same to satelites

	I have experiences only with baycom modem in DOVE/MIR station operations
as digital space radio. My actual equipments are: A FT480R (2m), A Echo-70
ssb (will be upgrated to All mode), A baycom Modem, a 386 notebook (without
HD) with 3-1/2" drive. But will be wellcome equipment donations from
anybody to us execute the DX-pedition.

	Thank-you for any reply,

	Joaquim das Virgens Neto - PS7JN

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