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31-OCT-98 @ 05:15 UTC

Attached, please find a KISS file with data captured from SEDSAT over 
Huntsville, Alabama on 31-OCT-98 @ 05:15 UTC.

Uptime was reported as "Uptime is 000/18:14:00".


The Keps appear to be reasonably accurate at this point.  Last night it
appeared that they could be off by a few minutes.  With the short packet
bursts it was difficult to determine if it was the Kep's or if SEDSAT was 
higher in frequency than the posted 437.910 MHz.

I appears that the downlink frequency is about 3 .0 to 3.2 KHz higher than 
expected.  I tuned the frequency on my rig via software and determined
this condition over the course of the last 2 passes this evening.

I have now set my downlink frequency in my tracking program to 437.9132 MHz
instead of 437.910 MHz.  This may help some of you out there that are using
narrow filters in trying to decode the packet data from SEDSAT.  This setting
keeps my tuning meter centered as a confirmation throughout the pass.

Packets were coming through at a frequency of 1 minute intervals until about
the last 5 minutes of the pass over Huntsville, Alabama.  Nothing was heard
during the last 5 minutes of the pass.


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama