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DOS KISS Logging

Greetings all

want to log SedSat data into a KISS file but cannot (SGS-10/12 only work
for Win-95 and upwards).

PB !!
For newbies, PB is a DOS program that predated WISP and all the other 
digital satellite software packages. It can be found on the amsat ftp
site, I can't remember the filename - something like PB920430.ZIP or
similar; go look around.

PB has a KISS log function that can be turned on by the proper lines in 
its configuration file (filename comes out as xxxxxxxx.KSS where xxxxxxxx 
is the date, eg 98103017.KSS was started on 30 Oct 1998 between 1700 and 
1800 - its in the documentation). 

Now PB was made for broadcast protocol etc so it probably checks the PID 
byte and I'm not aware of what SedSat puts in this byte ... but by turning 
on *all* the KISS logging functions I reckon theres a good chance.

So, in PB.CFG, add the following parameters to the usual ones extant:

logbbframes 1
logdbframes 1
logothers 1

also add:        (because PB screams if it sees a wrong)
silent 1         (satellite callsign - this stops the noise)
                 (but *all* data gets logged anyway)

(callsigns: try anything - see what works)

Unfortunately I can't try this on SedSat myself but I submit the idea in 
the hope that someone out there *can*. As with WISP it only logs the data
and not the packet headers so let the guys know the (accurate) time that
data recording started.

BTW: if anyone can figure out how to capture the headers as well then 
please let the rest of us know (I've tried a few tricks and failed).

And ... will anyone who tries this PLEASE report back to the -bb so others 
can learn from this (no need to send me a separate copy). Failure reports
will be almost as useful as success reports.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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