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LAFD is Anti-amateur radio

On Thursday, 29 October 1998, KD6FYT wrote:

> Regarding the paragraph below:  Not knowing the comoplete testimony I have
> several questions -
> At the time of the incident, were the individuals involved acting in their
> official capacities?

This is obviously a legal matter involving the LAFD and a voluntary
(ACS) member of the LAFD.  As such, I'm not sure this discussion has a
lot of relevancy here on the AMSAT-BB.

We all know that Cities pass ordinances in various part of the Country
that impose certain restriction on the erection of amateur radio
antennas (so this is not new to us).

The question as to whether the antennas were/or were not destroyed by
certain members of the LAFD while on duty should be fought in a court of
law...not here on the BB in my humble opinion (for whatever that's

Can't we just take this discussion to private email so the rest of us
can enjoy posts relevant to satellites?  Thanks.

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*

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