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RE: LAFD is Anti-amateur radio

Regarding the paragraph below:  Not knowing the comoplete testimony I have
several questions -

At the time of the incident, were the individuals involved acting in their
official capacities?

Why are we indicting an entire agency, one with hundreds, if not thousands
of hard working employees for the actions of (from the descriptions I read
now and in the past) of one or two?

Do we appreciate it when persons within or without of amatuer radio condemn
or indict or hobby for the actions of a few or even one?

I suggest that we do not do to others as we do not wish done to ourselves.

Some additional comments:  I am not talking sides in this issue.  I do not
have all the facts, so I will not make any judgement.  When I read the first
batch of emails on this, I was taken by the homeowner versus homeowners
association aspects.  Knowing the 'typical' anti-antenna antitude of
homeowners associations in Southern California and the strict enforcement of
CC&R's, I would not be at all surprised if the core of this conflict is in
that vein.

In closing, lets be very careful before we condemn an entire department of
hardwaorking public servants who daily put there lives on the line to
protect our lives and property because of the actions of just a few (or

regards and 73,

Ralph G. Sbragia, CSP, CHST
Board Certified Safety Professional
KD6FYT - Member, Orange County (Ca) RACES

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You wanted an update on my antennas ? Well, here it comes..


Sworn testimony  provided by Emil Katz, Roxbury Square
Homeowner's Association, stated that he was present while Capt. Randall
Judd and Fireman Charles R. Palacios (both of LAFD, Station 92,  located at
10556 Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064) were having my amateur radio
antennas destroyed on Thursday, September 17, 1998.

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