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LAFD is Anti-amateur radio

You wanted an update on my antennas ? Well, here it comes..

Did your ever see the movie "Fahrenheit 451", where the fire department
went around burning books instead of putting out fires? This movie was
based sometime in the future and starred the German actor "Oscar Werner".

On October 28, 1998 at 10:20 am (Los Angeles, California time), it was
revealed in a court of law (Division 96, Los Angeles Municipal Court , 3000
South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90034, Presided by Judge Elliot)
that the Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD) can directly violate the
"Process of Law". Sworn testimony  provided by Emil Katz, Roxbury Square
Homeowner's Association, stated that he was present while Capt. Randall
Judd and Fireman Charles R. Palacios (both of LAFD, Station 92,  located at
10556 Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064) were having my amateur radio
antennas destroyed on Thursday, September 17, 1998.

The LAFD directly lied to me when Capt.  Judd stated emphatically in my
telephone conversation with him on October 17, 1998 that  "LAFD would never
perform an act of this sort, We do not destroy private property. We do not
destroy antennas !! " Capt. Judd went on to say that the LAFD is a strictly
law-abiding entity that would not perform any type of a vigilante action.
Yet, this was done in plain view of Emil Katz. I never received any type of
notification that gave me any advance notice of what was to come.

In addition to above statements, Chief  Wilfred W. Bisson,  KF6XX, in a
telephone conversation on Monday,  September 14, 1998 at 2105 hours
PDT,told me  " I will talk to Capt. Judd and Fireman Palacios to resolve
the ordinance issue;  Khalil, don't worry about it."  Three days later,
without any warnings, my antennas were destroyed.

Inspector Garza (LAFD Legal Department) called me on the telephone on
October 2, 1998 to notify me of a meeting that was to be held at the Los
Angeles City Attorney's Office  in the week of October 9, 1998 to discuss
ways to resolve the "amateur radio antennas on the roof" issue. One
problem.. No more antennas..

I wrote a letter (certified/return receipt) to Capt. Michael T. Little
(LAFD Legal Liaison) , KD6LAF , on  October 14, 1998 requesting a letter
from the LAFD that will state the facts of LAFD's position concerning what
has happened to my antennas. I stated that I need the letter for court. The
return receipt was returned signed by Capt. Little. However, I did not
receive any response from him about this. Now I know why.

The issue discussed above pertains to Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC)
57.12.02 (enacted in 1996, 5 years after my amateur radio antennas were
installed on the roof)  which in effect prohibits amateur radio operatora
from exercising their Federal Privileges as granted by the FCC and the
Communications Act of 1934.
This privileges is further bolstered by the Communications Act of 1996,
PRB-1, and California Civil Code 1376 

The LAFD has decided that it is above the law and that the public interest
can be best served by taking an anti-amateur radio position. The ordinance
make it virtually impossible to install any types of roof-mounted antennas,
specifically wire dipole/ V-dipole antennas which the LAFD considers as guy
wires not as antennas.

It appears to me that something  very sinister is happening around us. The
LAFD states publicly that it supports amateur radio operators thru its ACS
(Auxiliary Communications Service). a RACES program cordinated by Chief
Bisson, KF6XX, and Capt. Kevin R. Nida, WD6AIS.  Privately, the LAFD is
working for the elimination of all amateur radio operators.
You may ask what interest groups, specifically, wish that amateur radio
operators will go away ? Well, we have the cable companies, Microsoft (with
its low-orbiting satellites), and various land-mobile companies who wish to
grab more radio spectrum.
It seems that the LAFD appears to be operating in a direct relationship
with the above interest groups (Capt. Nida is involved in a company that
specializes in commercial radios).

This is not a case of government serving its citizens, it is rather a case
of government serving special interests.

In summary, the amateur radio operator does not have a clear position
statement from the fire bureaucracy that is supposed to serve the
community. We are dealing with a bureaucracy that is making its own laws.
We , as amateur radio operators, must intensify the fight for our legal
rights and preservation of our federal privileges. These lawful privileges
shall not be eroded by an "appointed" "non-thinking" bureaucracy.

If anyone, amateur or non-amateur, feels the need to express an opinion,
please send it to: Brian Humphrey, LAFD Public Service Officer. His  e-mail
is: brian-humphrey@prodigy.net

I am sure that we would all be interested in hearing the Public Service
Officer's  response to what happened to me as a result of LAFD's unlawful

Khalil Ladjevardi, K6FCC
ACS (Auxiliary Communications Service)
Batallion 18
Los Angeles City Fire Department

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