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RS-12's Robot

    Hello everyone...
  The RS-12 robot is QRV on 21.130.  I worked it this morning at 07:20 UTC.
The downlink is 2 meters 145.959 +/- doppler.  For those who are not sure how
to work the Robot, the procedure is easy.  Listen for the robot calling CQ on the
beacon frequencies " CQ CQ DE RS12 QSU 21.130 KHZ AR"  You would then 
call the robot on 21.130 CW.  An example with my call would be....
      RS12 DE AB2CJ AR    the robot will respond with :
      AB2CJ DE RS12  QSL NR 1339  OP ROBOT TU SW QSO 73 SK
   The  1339 is the QSO number.  If you don't make it on the first try , the robot
will respond with a RPT or QRZ asking to repeat your call.  With all the changes
about , its anyones guess as to how long the Robot will be operational..so give
it a try.. hopefully  its still up and running.
73, Tony