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SGS10 quirk


I came across an insidious bug/feature in SGS10.  Basically, after you start
the program you probably need to set the serial port communication
characteristics to match your TNC.  SGS10 claims to do this, and on closing,
asks you if you want to save the changes.  However, when you restart the
program, the old values are back.  My TNC runs at 19200, and the CFG file
being distributed is 9600.  No obvious error messages, but no data either.
After several tries, I finally just deleted the CFG file.  The new one
created is correct.  This has been reported and relayed to the program

I am not certain whether the problem is overwriting an old file, somehow the
correct directory is getting lost, or some bit of operator error.  In any
case, after installation, make certain the serial port parameters match
after you restart the program.  Data is worth its weight in gold right now!


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