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Re: 2.4 GHz portable phones?

Hi, Alan!

At 07:43 PM 28-10-98 -0000, you wrote:
>I have seen ads for the new premium portable phones which advertise 2.4 GHz
>and 900 MHz frequencies.  Anybody know exactly what the frequencies are?  I
>was wondering from the standpoint of usefulness and/or nuisance value as
>signal sources.

These are FCC Part 15 non-licensed devices which operate in the industrial,
scientific, and medical equipment bands at 902-928 MHz (center 915 MHz) and
2400-2500 MHz (center 2450 MHz).  They can operate anywhere within these

I've seen some which are simple SCPC devices.  Others are frequency hopping
spread spectrum.  Don't know if anyone is using direct sequence spread
spectrum yet.

They will tend to increase the background noise level.  Stations in the
amateur service and amateur-satellite service can claim protection from
interference from these unlicensed things.  (Don't ask me if that'll ever

If the FCC's spreading sequence Rules for amateurs are changed (don't know
if they are or not), amateurs could adapt these devices for their own
purposes.  Could be fun!!  Amateurs in other countries may not have this

The only problem remaining would be to make the spreading sequence
generally known so that you could meet the "plain language" requirement
and, also, have someone else to talk to!!

Hope this helps.

73, art.....
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