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Re: Another 1270B Question

In a message dated 10/28/98 10:03:42 AM Central Standard Time,
n1qqv@cshore.com writes:

<<      Here I am with an MFJ 1270B and no manual.  I want to see it work in
 it's original configuration before I install the new 9600 modem, but the
 deviation is too high.  Can someone tell me how to set the deviation?
 There's no manual posted on MFJ's web site, and the 1270C manual doesn't
 seem to apply. >>


R76 will adjust the output level from the TNC which in turn will control
the deviation.

To simplify the procedure, perform the following:

1. Type "CALIBRA" at the command prompt.
2. Press"K" to key the transmitter.  Tap the Space bar until the
    higher of the 2 tones is heard.
3. Adjust R76 to obtain the proper deviation.
4. Press "K" once again to unkey the transmitter.
5. Press "Q" to exit the calibration routine.

Note: During the process the watch-dog timer will turn off the transmitter
and you will have to press the "K" key to start the transmit process when
this happens.  If you want to defeat the watch-dog timer so that it does 
not time out you can place a jumper at location JMP4 and it will transmit
all day until you press the "K" key again.  Do not forget to remove this 
jumper when you finish if you choose this method.


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama
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