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Thanks for the help

To all

I want to express my deep thanks to all who have sent messages and are now helping us to receive data and recover our satellite. I apologize publically to all who were offended by the tone of my message. I hope you will all realize that if you worked on something for ten years and it had finally come to pass that you would not want it to fail due to not having some cotton-picking data that was critical to analyzing what is the matter.

I have supported AMSAT for 25 years. We put almost ten years and over 6M dollars, including launch into getting SEDSAT 1 in the air for ourselves and the amateur radio community. I will continue to support AMSAT but to be truthful we received data from a wonderful person in Uruguay last night that indicated that the satellite had been up and operating for 17 hours and we didn't know it.  Data before that could be critical to the recovery of the bird.  

Again, I apologize for the stridency of the message. Just understand that it would be the height of tragedy to lose the bird when a little help could save it.

Dennis Ray Wingo

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